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The Blue Shiva

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The Blue Shiva

Shiva Dhyan Yoga gives Fearlessness! This is what my Blue Shiva painting conveys through the abhay mudra, the hand posture of fearlessness. The thumbs which represent the true, inner self touch the index fingers, which denotes Thy and the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of the inner guide and Guru.
Reconnect to your inner guide, reconnect to God, the divine or whichever name you wish to give to the ultimate reality, which is pure consciousness and Oneness. The Blue Shiva is holding his hands in the dhyan (meditation) mudra, the abhay mudra as well and represents the first Shiva Dhyan Yoga meditation through which you can gain enlightenment and self-realization. Know who you are in Shiva Dhyan Yoga.
In Shiva Dhyan Yoga you go beyond the physical and mental dimensions to the core of your being, to your soul. It is centering, going back to your Self. I saw SHIVA in a light body- he is showing the feeling of Enlightenment, of being light, of being beyond body and mind. I have experienced this state myself which I transmit through initiation and Shiva Dhyan Yoga. I give you back to yourself by removing fear, doubt, conditioning and everything which hampers self-expression that you can finally live in joy, in happiness and in awakened awareness.
Om Namah Shivaya
Shiva Guruji Aruneshvar